What is TCP?

TCP is an abbreviation for the Transmission Control Protocol, which is a network-based protocol defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force as part of RFC793. The protocol defines how two computers are able to exchange packets of data between themselves via an IP-based network.

When a computer wishes to transfer data from one machine to another, it is able to break the application data down into packets that an IP network can deliver. However, a protocol such as TCP is then needed to manage the reliable transfer of data to the correct application.

TCP is a protocol which bases its fundamental logic around a connection state, this means that a client device will establish and maintain a connection with an application on a server, only once the connection is established will the two devices begin to transfer data/packets, eventually once complete the connection will close.

Because of the connection state TCP is able to provide reliable delivery of packets, and therefore error-free delivery of the encapsulated data. It will perform flow control of the packets, retransmission of dropped or malformed packets as required.

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