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Welcome to the What Port Is network port and protcol blog, most of the posts will relate to the site development and announcements, however we'll also try cover some more interesting things, stay tuned!

Packet Captures are Live!

There’s been another major update to the website today, in the background there’s a load of upgrades and performance tweaks that you may not notice, however there is a new big feature – Packet Captures!
It's taken a while to get this working, however you should hopefully see a new button on all the port pages called "packet captures", and for now there’s also a link on the main navigation bar.
Over time we hope to have at least one example Packet Capture for every port and protocol on the website. As with everything on the site this is community powered, so anyone can upload a PCAP and it’ll appear on the website (after our moderators check the content).
There’s no need to register or even provide your email address, we just want to make the process nice and easy!
Finally, we’ll be doing some more improvements to the UI and layout, especially on the new packet capture pages in the next few hours/days.
If you have any comments, suggestions or issues please just reach out via the contact page.

Created At: 2018-04-02 11:33:27 | Author: Tom

Live Visitor Flags

You may have noticed a cool little addition to the website this week - We're now using the users (or API source) IP Address to lookup the country of visitors and display flags next to the search results.

Thanks to FreeGeoIP which made this very easy to do using their free API.

Created At: 2018-03-31 09:22:09 | Author: Tom

Hardware Upgrade

We've just doubled the hardware supporting this website due to increased demand - So hopefully all our users will be happy with the new even quicker load times on the website and API's

Any problems, just let us know!

Created At: 2018-03-30 08:55:49 | Author: Tom

Edit Ports<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=">, now live!

Since the site was launched you've been able to submit ports, and that's where most of the content has come from to date.

However, at the bottom right of all the port pages, you'll now find a link to edit and improve the port. Basically, this allows anyone viewing the website to submit improvements or changes. The website is powered by our awesome community, and we think this will make it even better for people to contribute.

Currently all of the updates that you submit will go via an admin or moderator as we get quite a bit of spam on this site, however, we expect that all genuine updates will be approved within a day or two.

We hope you enjoy the update, and thanks again!

Optionally if you provide an email address we will send you a quick email when the moderators accept the submission.

Created At: 2017-07-23 14:51:11 | Author: Tom

New Port - Internet Route Access Protocol

We've just added a new port into the database, submitted by one of our awesome (but anonymous) users. The port is 38 TCP and UDP, and used by "RAP" the Internet Route Access Protocol. Click Here to see the new page

Created At: 2017-06-05 11:58:21 | Author: Tom


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