Port 53 TCP UDP

DNS - Domain Name System

DNS (Domain Name System) uses Port 53 UDP to resolve human-readable hostnames to numerical IP addresses, TCP may also be used to achieve reliable querying. 

Domain Name System, known more commonly as the abbreviated DNS, is a decentralised naming system that computers and servers use to locate resources on a network such as the world wide web (internet), or a local area network.

Its primary purpose is to convert humanly readable and memorisable names such as whatportis.com or google.com, into the routable IP address of a server/client, such as or

The system delegates the responsibility of answering queries for a specific domain to authoritative name servers, providing the hierarchical decentralised naming system.

There are many types of records that can be stored within a specific domains database, some of the most common are A and AAAA records which convert a name to an IP address, MX records which are used by SMTP servers for mail delivery, and PTR records to perform the reverse and look up a domain from a known IP address.

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