Port 23 TCP

Telnet Protocol - Unencrypted Text Communications

Telnet operates using TCP port 23 and provides many systems with an unencrypted communications channel for text-based information.

Telnet (also known as Terminal Network) is a networking protocol used to provide delivery of text between two terminals or computers, typically this is for a client machine to interface with the Command Line Interface (CLI) of another machine, a piece of equipment or a server.

The interface is commonly used in networking equipment such as routers and switches for an administrative command line interface, however as the protocol unencrypted it is usually only used safely within a local area network, as the data transferred is in clear-text.

It is becoming more common for SSH (Port 22/TCP) to be used instead of telnet as it offers increased functionality and most importantly is encrypted, therefore can be used outside of a local network more safely.

Most Linux/Unix based machines such as OSX will automatically have a telnet client installed, however, when using Windows you will need to enable the telnet client through the Windows Features section of your control panel, or more commonly use an application such as PuTTY to create the telnet connection.

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