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Welcome, this is a completely free service and it's going to stay that way.

The aim of the site is simple, to provide accurate and extensive range of network ports to everyone

The API that will be offered shortly will also be free and allow developers to use the service in their own applications,

Help us grow, submit your ports here

About Submissions

We are committed to ensuring that only the most up to date information is in our database, we are grateful for any submissions that you can make to help our database grow. There are quite a large number of submissions which require manual verification; unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all information submitted will appear on our database.

Name – Please just give quick description of the port (For example "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol")

TCP or UDP – Which does it use? Or does it use both?

Port Number – Whats the number of the port, you can also put a range of ports in here.

Reference Link – We can only accept verified information, so please always provide a link to a trustworthy web based source which validates the information entered. This greatly helps us!

Your eMail – You can leave this blank – however we do like to keep you updated.

Finally click send - Thank you!

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